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Kunstmatig tekort aan Wii’s? Nintendo reageerde!

Het kan nog steeds knap lastig zijn om een Wii te krijgen aangezien de console steeds populairder aan het worden is. Soms kunnen wachttijden oplopen tot maanden. Er gingen seculaties rond dat Nintendo een kunstmatig tekort zou aanhouden om de hype te laten blijven.

Volgens Nintendo is dit niet zo.  Dervin Camden, werkzaam bij Nintendo of America, gaf echter een officiële verklaring. Deze kun je hieronder lezen!


“The fact is that we have put far more product on store shelves worldwide than our competitors. The difference is that in a very short time we have far outpaced their total sales. The Wii console has effectively expanded the video game market by re-defining what it means to be a gamer. Millions of people who never before picked up a controller or who had sworn off gaming years ago are trying the Wii and becoming fans.

There is no benefit to Nintendo in not having enough product on the shelves to allow everyone who wants one to be able to buy one, which begs the question, ‘Why don’t you just make more?’ Please understand that the Wii console is a complex electronic device featuring one-of-a-kind components from different suppliers around the world. Many things factor into our being able to effectively increase assembly and shipment of a product without compromising quality control. We are doing all we can to get as much product as possible into stores.”